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Somehow, I had briefly forgotten my plan to make a spencer with the purple fabric that so beautifully matches the sari fabric of my new Regency gown. And since I have another Regency event coming up in February, I guess I better work on that *before* I go too far down the Titanic rabbit hole.

Nevertheless, on the Titanic front, I do think this pattern has promise, although I'd like to figure out how to make the sleeves more fluttery, and perhaps other adjustments. Since this is the same company as the spencer pattern I'll be using, I reckon I should wait and see how that goes before buying it.

On the spencer front: I have about 4 yards of the fabric. That is more than enough to make a spencer, even if I wanted to self-line it (which I think would be a bad idea due to the weight of the fabric), but probably not quite enough to make a long coat. But it *might* be enough to make a long coat, which could be kind of fun. I guess maybe I can just try to focus on cutting the fashion fabric carefully to conserve as much as possible, and decide at a much later moment :)

But of course I won't be cutting fashion fabric anytime soon. I need to rummage through my boxes and see if I've got anything likely for lining fabric, and definitely must make a muslin.

Also, I have the familiar dilemma of trying to decide whether to wash the fabric when I don't really know what it is. It seems *likely* to be washable, but I might not want to take the chance...

All in all, so far I have been mostly thinking rather than doing, but for this project, that does seem like the right order :)

Last and very much least, as part of helping George make a little extension for one of his waistcoats, I had to figure out how to use the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine. It was quite a pain to figure out, but then worked like magic. Really. The "one-step buttonhole" feature may not be *exactly* one step, but it is pretty darn awesome.

In other non-news, I am tired. Really super tired. This may have something to do with not getting to sleep quite as early as I should have last night, waking up with heartburn at 2-something, waking up due to earthquake at 5:30-ish, needing to actually get up by 6:30 due to an early AM Beta call, impending girl d00m, or all of the above.

Also, I am hearing helicopters *again*. Even if I want to tune out the news of the world, it is right here, right now.


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