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...my bonnet finally arrived.

For those who don't remember, I ordered this bonnet at Dickens Fair -- that's right, in early December.

After trying on a whole bunch of bonnets at the Strawbender's booth, there was one that I really liked except that it had some glued on flowers that I didn't care for. George (never one to shy away from asking for what he wants) inquired if the flowers could be removed. The answer was: no, trying to take off something that's been glued on is a bad idea -- but, we would be happy to make a custom order for you, and we can do that by next week.

So then I had a conversation with the nice bonnet-maker in which I basically said: Make it the color of this one, and the size/shape of that one, and use this ribbon.

In retrospect, it was a warning sign that he didn't write any of it down. But at the time, I just assumed, hey, he's a bonnet maker, he probably has some kind of crazy eidetic memory for bonnets.

But no... the following week, I was presented with a bonnet that was not the right size/shape. As I recall, it didn't have the right ribbon either. I probably would have been OK with the wrong ribbon or even the wrong color, but I really wanted it to be a) flattering and b) useful for keeping sun off, and for that the size/shape was pretty crucial. I don't like to be a fussy customer, but it was really just not right.

He said they could re-do it, but this time he requested until the second week of January to finish it.

So... no problem, really. I mean, it would have been fun to wear my new bonnet *at* Dickens Fair, but it is really more for summer events anyway.

And this time, he wrote down *all* the details -- what color, what kind of contrasting trim where, what type of ribbon, how many rows in each part of the bonnet.

Then, a few weeks went by. Sometime in late January, I finally emailed to see what was going on -- and was informed that his business partner had accidentally thrown away my order form! (By the way, I did pay in advance.) Thankfully, I still had it and was able to scan it and send it to him. He promised the bonnet in a couple of weeks.

Then, a few weeks went by. I got in touch to inquire about progress, and was informed that he had been very ill due to exhaustion brought on by the work at Dickens Fair. But he expected to be back at work soon and promised the bonnet soon thereafter.

Then, a few weeks went by. I kindly inquired about his health and the status of the bonnet, and was informed that he had accidentally punctured his hand, which had slowed his progress, but he did expect the bonnet to be completed very soon. In fact, he predicted that he would have it in the mail within a few days and that I should have it by this past Saturday.

To my great astonishment, it has actually arrived!

And, as I pretty much expected, it is *not* exactly according to the specifications. By now, it is hard to be sure, but I think it is a somewhat darker color than the samples I was pointing at. And the ribbon does not at all resemble what I had asked for. Nevertheless, it is quite nice -- I like the shape, and I actually really like the ribbon, although it is neither the brown and white diagonal stripe that ilen really liked on me, nor the brown and white lengthwise stripe that George really liked on me.

I would say that the down side to this ribbon is that it provides very little contrast. Weirdly, it is sewn onto the bonnet with the shinier side down, for even less contrast -- I wonder if it was intentional, or just hurried.

However, since the ribbon is just sewn on at a couple of points, it can almost certainly be reversed -- I doubt that I will have the nerve to do it myself, so I will need to find a local milliner to assist.

And, I can potentially add other decorations (e.g. ribbon flowers :) So it's all good. And I am set for my next Victorian picnic!

All's well that ends well.


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