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Strictly for my own reference, recording what I did at SFFFF this year.

Saturday lessons:
Arrived late and missed the noon session
1PM Morris dancing
(2PM had a snack and listened to "Uni and her Ukelele" in the cafe)
3PM The Landler waltz (choreography based on Sound of Music)
4PM Bal Musette
5PM did about half of the session on World Folk Dances, cut out to get some food

Evening dances:
6:15PM International Dance - I didn't know most of these, but remembered one from the lesson, and faked a handful of others
8PM-10PM Vintage Ballroom - I danced at least 3/4 of the dances, including swing dancing with complete strangers, backleading a novice through the Congress of Vienna, and one Irish polka set (to "Istanbul not Constantinople")

Sunday lessons:
Noon: deliberately skipped first session (ate lunch, listened to Gospel Sing-Along)
1PM: Irish Set Dancing (wanted to check out the teacher from the Starry Plough)
2PM: French Country Dance
3PM: did the first few minutes of Bollywood Fire (just to try it) before reverting to my plan of resting during this hour -- watched Bollywood Fire from the bleachers for a while, then went to the cafe and listened to Page Brownton and the Mojo Navigators.
4PM: Bavarian Folk Dance (loved the first dance which took up about 2/3 of the hour, gave up quickly on the Schuhplattler because it was tweaking my back)
5PM: Choreographed Waltzes

If my carpool had wanted to stay for the evening Contra / Square Dance, I would have tried, but actually cutting out at this point and having a really good meal was perfect.

So: about 5-1/2 hours of dance on Saturday, another 4 on Sunday. Of course, lessons are not continuous dancing, but still.


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