Jun. 8th, 2007 09:53 pm
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I feel like I have way too much going on this weekend (in the usual feast or famine style of my social life, not that social "feast" by my standards really amounts to much in the grand scheme of things) but nevertheless:

I have still not seen Hot Fuzz, and it is still showing at the Parkway, and it is actually playing the dinner-hour (7 PM) show tomorrow, which is my preferred time to go there; in the upstairs theatre, which happens to be my preferred Parkway seating area; and therefore: I am determined to go see the movie and have pizza.

Anyone who would care to join me, please holler. Or, you know, just show up :)
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at work, also gym )
jaeclectic: (Default) to be greatly cherished.

Not even a single phone call!

Not to mention, no meetings.

In particular, unlike yesterday, no meetings where other participants get into a shouting match, and someone (fortunately, not myself this time) spends the rest of the afternoon calming someone down.


Worked 8 hours and got far more done than in the 9 & 10 hour days preceding. The looming sense of panic is starting to recede. (Did I mention things have been kind of hectic?)

Anyway -- got home early, now starting on small mountain of laundry, maybe even pre-packing.
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Well, delaying is one way to avoid making a decision -- the apartment I was considering is no longer available. I do not feel bitterly disappointed, which is a good sign that I didn't really want it.

Otherwise, had a very frantic day at work, interruptions that got interrupted (nested x deep). I often feel a bit shell-shocked on Monday evenings, I think my weekday routine is just too far removed from my weekend routine. But a little worse than usual tonight.

Plus trying to research snow chains for the Mini. Because if don't have, will need. Next weekend. Therefore need to buy, oh, tomorrow.

I detect that I am babbling randomly. Not to mention losing usual semblance of grammar. Stop now.
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Two variations on the theme:
houseguests )
a housing decision )

busy, busy

Jan. 21st, 2004 08:03 pm
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Somehow this coming weekend has become utterly insane.  )
Well, it's going to be fun, anyway.


Jan. 11th, 2004 02:23 pm
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Enjoying the weekend, but just seems like there's a little too much going on. Also still moving a little slow, I guess, although the cold seems to be going if not gone. I probably could have accomplished all the planned life maintenance stuff if I had done no social stuff (i.e., dinner & DVD with Jen & Fredrik last night, something similar with Linda & Nan tonight). Oh well, I guess folding the laundry can wait :)

Part of the running around is that I am actually starting to look at apartments. At this moment, I am leaning towards moving back to the east bay. reasons ) Somehow with three places that I wanted to look at in Berkeley, I ended up with appointments on three different days. Had mercifully forgotten what a time-sink apartment-hunting is. *sigh*
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one of those days )

Addendum: To keep this day in perspective, it should be noted that everything is more difficult when one starts the day with a profound hangover. That glögg thing...

Addendum 2: I like Stephanie's take on the falling flat on my face part: "At least there was no dog shit involved". A profound metaphor, indeed.
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Brilliantly decided 1/2 hour was enough time to put up xmas lights in front window, if I hurried.

Found extension cords, determined one bulb was burned out, found replacement bulbs. Couldn't get bulb out of socket. After several minutes, decided to try using needle nose pliers. Succeeded in breaking bulb. Eventually got stub of bulb out of socket, put in replacement bulb. It still doesn't light, obviously the problem is in the socket. Cheap lights, probably a fire hazard. OK, never mind, I'm putting them up anyway. Finally start climbing up on the back of the sofa to put lights up and realize that this is a completely stupid time to do so, because I have painfully bright sun directly in my eyes. Give up, wait until later.

So I am basically right where I started, except with tiny bits of broken glass strewn over my sofa.
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...packed into one day:

- brunch at 1:00 in Berkeley
- massage appointment at 3:00 in Oakland
- dinner at 6:00 in Mission

Which is fabulous but doesn't leave much time for all the life-maintenance type stuff (not to mention xmas type stuff) that I imagined I was going to do this weekend. In fact, I've got about 45 minutes starting right now. Which is so not enough that I am here instead.


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