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...my bonnet finally arrived.

For those who don't remember, I ordered this bonnet at Dickens Fair -- that's right, in early December. the saga of the bonnet, at length )
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I made good progress on the Titanic dress bodice this evening (made yet another muslin to double check the fit on Mary Alice, then cut out fabric -- so basically back to where I thought I was on 19 Jan).

However, when cutting out the fashion fabric, I noticed that it looks a little blotchy. The other (larger) piece that I am planning to use for the skirt looks fine. I think I would have noticed if it were that way all along, so it must be something I did in the process of washing or ironing it. Wish I knew what so I could avoid doing it again!

These are the moments where I really want a sewing buddy who lives close enough for an impromptu 5-minute consultation. Is this so subtle that no one will notice, or so glaring that I should run right out and spend another $8 for yet another yard of this fabric...


Or maybe I should cut out the skirt pieces and hope I have enough left over to squeeze out another pair of bodice pieces. Hrm.
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Somehow, I had briefly forgotten my plan to make a spencer with the purple fabric that so beautifully matches the sari fabric of my new Regency gown. And since I have another Regency event coming up in February, I guess I better work on that *before* I go too far down the Titanic rabbit hole. sewing / costume related blather )

In other non-news, I am tired. Really super tired. This may have something to do with not getting to sleep quite as early as I should have last night, waking up with heartburn at 2-something, waking up due to earthquake at 5:30-ish, needing to actually get up by 6:30 due to an early AM Beta call, impending girl d00m, or all of the above.

Also, I am hearing helicopters *again*. Even if I want to tune out the news of the world, it is right here, right now.
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One of my dance friends has just started a blog to document her costuming ventures. Two posts so far -- the first about an absolutely amazing dress that she made, and now this:


She is making a leather corset with a laser-engraved octopus. Wow.


Feb. 4th, 2011 01:24 pm
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I just got a call from a florist about a delivery. That is to say, someone is sending me flowers. Most likely it's my sister, or a friend, but it is oddly entertaining to imagine various less likely possibilities.

Otherwise, I am mostly obsessing about my hair and clothes for tomorrow. Oh, and trying to get some work done. And wishing this cold / sinus thing would just be over already.
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I believe I'm going to Dicken's again tomorrow.

Anyone else?

Pedantic update: OK, it was after midnight when I posted this, so I really meant, later today. Sunday, last day of the Faire, etc.


Dec. 4th, 2008 07:48 am
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Just for kicks, check out the fun goth fashion, especially the tentacle dress. Whee!

I should just default to crediting boingboing


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