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Therefore, a collection of random linkies:

In case you feel the need for a little rube goldberg.

On my way to remembering the phrase "rube goldberg machine", I came across this dictionary with word-network-mappy goodness. I'm generally sceptical about the utility of this kind of viz, but it's fun to play with.

I <3 this rather macabre series of paintings: freak parade. Especially love the way each connects to the next...

I'm not usually that excited about Legos, but this post-apocalyptic eco-punk crawler town is pretty cool.

Rest your eyes on some rather splendid nature photos.
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interactive map showing effect of rising sea-levels

I don't have enough knowledge in this area to judge how trustworthy or plausible the data is, but it certainly makes you think.
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This looks quite cool: media cloud
(via boingboing)

And I remain proud to say we were there first (breaking story is sadly no longer running, one of these days I will edit and upload the storyboard just to have something better to link to...)
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I really like this chart:

courtesy of Charles Platt on boingboing
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gacked from jeff mcneill's strange but often interesting flickr stream
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This visualization of discretionary spending by geography uses an interesting combination of a geographical map and something like a treemap.

However, it makes me yearn to drill in on a specific country to see its spending blocks side-by-side.

via boingboing
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gas price "temperature" map

Note: For some reason, I expected it to zoom in on mouse click, but instead it zooms with mouse wheely button and pans with mouse down.

Courtesy of the "nonbiz" mailing list @IP.
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I haven't explored the rest of the site yet, but this visualization of the history of major religions is really quite cool. Flashy (pun intended) but genuinely informative. I like.

via boingboing

too fun

Jul. 25th, 2007 08:15 pm
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OMG, why didn't this exist when I was (not) learning geography?
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Moderately interesting and fairly well-designed map of world migration hotspots, courtesy of NPR.
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someone's life story, of course.

via boingboing
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Although sadly, not very vibrantly colorful: a vizualization of the colors associated with words (AKA a wordnet / image search mashup).

mumble )
via Monkeyfilter

news map

May. 24th, 2006 06:48 pm
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This is really quite cool: a world map with links to recent online news stories. More about it here.

Note: go to "show settings" and select hide ballon to hide the annoying big text balloon, then you can pick for yourself what details to see by hovering over the lighted dots.

via monkeyfilter

Also, the comments on the monkeyfilter thread included a link to this treemap, which looks like something I've seen before, but maybe not exactly this implementation, or maybe I just saw a picture, not the live site.


Apr. 13th, 2006 08:58 pm
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On the path to finding a reasonable link for treemaps, I came across this blog information aesthetics which looks quite charming.

The internet is so delightful. Life is so good.
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...or does this poster about poetry seem to be inspired by a treemap vizualization?

Somehow that just seems very cool to me, like my current geeky interest in information visualization and my teenage geeky love of poetry snuck out together and met in the brain of an artist somewhere...

more maps

Apr. 8th, 2006 06:59 pm
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Kinda interesting, various statistics used to distort a world map.

I wish you could pick just 2 or 3 to look at together. The small multiple view is cool, but very small, and esp when you get to the really distorted ones, having the basic landmass map still there for reference would be handy.

They also seem to be all open-sourcey about their data, which is nice.

via Monkeyfilter


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