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Although sadly, not very vibrantly colorful: a vizualization of the colors associated with words (AKA a wordnet / image search mashup).

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Now, this really is like the year in review.

(A related article can be found here)
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There ought to be a word that means the inverse of schadenfreude. words, words... )
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"I just can't figure out why the entire culture is so terrified of leaving single women alone. Look, to compare it to clothing, I'm a little bit hard to fit. I'm stubborn, I'm picky, I talk a lot, I'm emotionally cranked-up, I sink a lot of time into reality television, I'm not classically beautiful or particularly glamorous -- I'm not running myself down, I'm just saying I'm not the off-the-shelf model for every taste, which is not something I regret."

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Dec. 17th, 2004 12:57 pm
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And BTW, I will be having a party in January. I'm thinking the 15th, long enough after New Year's for folks to recover some, soon enough that my birthday won't be a fading memory. Please to mark date in calendar now, I want no excuses.
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Self-referential language, that is. I got as far as this:
"If one wished, one could divide all of the English adjectives into two categories: autological and heterological. An autological adjective is one which is self-descriptive; "pentasyllabic", "awkwardfulness", "short". A heterological adjective is not self-descriptive; "edible", "hungry", "monosyllabic", "long". Now, the question we must ask ourselves is: "Is 'heterological' heterological?""

Brain full now.

The accompanying discussion on mofi was also entertaining.


Nov. 30th, 2004 08:09 pm
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Merriam-Webster has already announced 2004's Words of the Year.

So was there a defenestration in the news that I missed?
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extremely dull blather about weight gain )
OTOH, a pep talk from dictionary.com )
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A fine distinction: "Flotsam is the stuff that floated away when the ship went down. Jetsam are the items you threw overboard to try and stop the ship from going down in the first place."

It had never occurred to me to wonder, but I am so glad that I know now :)

courtesy of Balthazar on mofi

my hero

Oct. 29th, 2004 07:30 am
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Once again, gotta love Mark Morford. From his latest:

"This is where it all comes down to your intuition and your intelligence and a sheer force of will, your ability to overcome the media-induced nausea and deeply inbred American political ennui and hoist yourself out of this election stupor and go to your polling place and punch the little card or push the little button, and then pray you don't live in a state where the GOP has rigged the touch screens or shredded all the Democratic voter registrations as you think, wow, world's foremost democracy and yet why does it feel like I'm voting in, like, Yugoslavia? Why does it feel that this election is so incredibly messy and loaded and rife with snakes and spit and hissing corruption? Weird. Sad. Telling."
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"The word election comes from the Indo-European root leg- (to choose) that is also the source of such words as intelligent, diligent, logic, dialog, and legal. In fact, that's probably not a bad way to choose a candidate: one who is intelligent, one who is diligent in solving problems, one who uses logic, one who prefers to engage in a dialog, and one who employs legal means."

courtesy of A Word A Day
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Return of the zipf:

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