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e.g., I can no longer function on 4-1/2 hours sleep.

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K&K and I just went to see An Inconvenient Truth, which was excellent. Go check it out if you haven't already.

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Serenity is playing at the Parkway, starting tomorrow. I haven't seen it yet; surely some of you need to see it again :) Left to my own devices, I'll probably pick an early show on Tues or Thurs next week. What think you?

Updating to note that since I got one "maybe" for Tuesday, that's now the plan, such as it is :)
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And OBTW, I am done (pretending to) work, until next week...
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anyone else still in town, with idle time and/or needing a break from frantic festiveness, c'mon along:
motorcycle diaries @ the parkway,
tonight, 6:00 show
mmm, pizza, beer...
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Recently impulse-bought the DVD of West Side Story, watched it last night. Fantastic choreography: as in, where all those MTV directors got their ideas. And wow, George Chakiris was hot.
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...(or willing & able to come here) who would happen to be reading this, come along with Ben & Wanda & I to the Parkway, tomorrow cause it's 2-for-1 Wednesday, Eternal Sunshine @ 9:15

Whoops, didn't happen this week, try try again. Consider it a standing offer...


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