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I am trying to figure out logistics around: an acupuncture appointment in Alameda that will probably end around 7:00, not wanting to wear the same clothes for going out as for acupuncture, needing to absorb some form of nutrition, and getting into SF and finding parking.

Of course, all of this would be a lot easier if I didn't assume that I need to be on time. But try telling my brain that I don't need to worry about that.

Anyway, it occurred to me that perhaps I could convert this conundrum into an opportunity to carpool. Hmm?
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A reminder for any who may be interested: Persephone's vintage dance party is tomorrow:
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If you happen to be free tomorrow night, it's my waltz instructor's monthly dance party, Vintage Invasion. I went last month, and it was a blast.
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King Kong has been postponed until the 30th <eom>
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I realized at some point today that I have given absolutely zero thought to what I'm going to wear to a wedding reception tomorrow evening. Not really feeling like rummaging through the closet now. I'm sure I own several suitable dresses, just not sure which of them fit...

In related news, I am really aggravated that The Head Cold from Hell [tm] still won't go away and leave me alone. I just want my normal energy level back. Plus, it would be nice if I could meet new people (see wedding reception above) without being the girl who is blowing her nose and/or spitting out phlegm every five minutes.

Other than that: TGIF, and yay for a 3-day weekend!
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Good news: Gaskell's was awesome fun.

Bad news: I think I had an exercise-induced asthma attack for the first time in a many moons (and a worse one than I've had before, at that). Or, it could have been corset-induced. Or, trying to keep up with Craig polka-ing induced. Most likely, all of the above.

Honestly, I thought the exercise-induced asthma had been a temporary thing, and wouldn't be back. I didn't even think of it right away when I found myself unable to breath.

Still kinda wheezy, might actually try to find the inhaler.

But hey... Gaskell's really was awesome fun :)
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but then there's tom stoppard )

big yay

May. 4th, 2008 10:53 am
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Maker Faire was teh awesome. And socializing at bettyscout's bday thing was also excellent (thank you, birthday girl, for not making me sing even though I was being quiet :)
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Club Gossip tomorrow? Shall we go?

(Of course, if I were sensible, I would stay home and rest. But I do sensible quite enough, don't you think?)
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Anyone considering going tomorrow? I am striving to have more dancing in my life, but if the cool kids are no longer liking NWC, I will set my sights on Club Gossip instead...

go go go

Dec. 16th, 2006 10:21 am
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pep talk to myself )
p.s. Anyone in the East Bay driving to the gringa-fest? We should carpool, plz call!
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Here I am starting the third day of a four-day weekend, and I find myself feeling mildly panicky about getting done all the things I want to do and all the things I need to do...

babble about holiday and stuff on my to-do list )

OTOH, Ash-kitty votes for me spending a bit more time sitting here in front of the computer with her in my lap.
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mildly drunken babble )
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all of the above, none of the above? )
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would you believe, whooping cough? )
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the day, plus various obsessions )


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