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Follow-up to yesterdays sewing-related whinge:

Dear pattern company,

I buy a pattern because I don't want to have to wing it. It is almost funny but definitely not helpful when you provide two version of the bodice pattern, and one of them doesn't have the notches marked, and the other doesn't have the boning channel placement marked.

Especially when I spent > $50 for the pattern set, I kind of expect quality control.

I would also give bonus points for any concrete guidance about how to adjust the bodice pattern when you are larger than whatever the "regular" pattern represents (maybe a B cup?) but smaller than a DD. Because, unsurprisingly, while the former was unreasonably skimpy, the latter is rather excessively generous.

Sincerely yours from the middle ground,



Meanwhile, at another ranch altogether:

Dear FB friend whom I barely know IRL:

I do not expect everyone I know on FB to post only cheery stories. In fact, I think there is value in posting things that are serious, and sometimes sad.

However, I really truly did not want to see the photograph that accompanied the post you re-shared about how many animals die in shelters.

I mean, even aside from the fact that long blocks of grey text make me immediately reach for snopes, and that I therefore suspect the picture is either fake or presented in a made-up context -- I just did not want to see it.

Nauseously yours,

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As near as I can tell, it's going to take me 80 minutes to get home if I take the San Mateo bridge, and something over 2 hours if I take the Bay Bridge.

Have these people never seen rain before? *sigh*

Update, after the 70-minute drive home:
OK, so it really was bad out there. I hereby apologize to all my fellow drivers whom I implicitly slandered above.
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I wrote a long, rambling, mega-whiney post earlier, then threw it away. Because I can't even start without going too far.
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