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I just imported all my past entries from LJ to here -- at least, hopefully it got all of them. Next step is to actually delete my LJ account. It feels strange, to say the least.
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I may go to Burning Man this year.

Am I crazy?
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This week I have learned the difference between a 101-degree fever and a 102 degree fever. At 101, I feel feverish. At 102, I get a sensation of mild verdigo and almost nausea, combined with a sense of despair that I shall ever feel well again. It's very consistent.
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Follow-up to yesterdays sewing-related whinge:

Dear pattern company,

I buy a pattern because I don't want to have to wing it. It is almost funny but definitely not helpful when you provide two version of the bodice pattern, and one of them doesn't have the notches marked, and the other doesn't have the boning channel placement marked.

Especially when I spent > $50 for the pattern set, I kind of expect quality control.

I would also give bonus points for any concrete guidance about how to adjust the bodice pattern when you are larger than whatever the "regular" pattern represents (maybe a B cup?) but smaller than a DD. Because, unsurprisingly, while the former was unreasonably skimpy, the latter is rather excessively generous.

Sincerely yours from the middle ground,



Meanwhile, at another ranch altogether:

Dear FB friend whom I barely know IRL:

I do not expect everyone I know on FB to post only cheery stories. In fact, I think there is value in posting things that are serious, and sometimes sad.

However, I really truly did not want to see the photograph that accompanied the post you re-shared about how many animals die in shelters.

I mean, even aside from the fact that long blocks of grey text make me immediately reach for snopes, and that I therefore suspect the picture is either fake or presented in a made-up context -- I just did not want to see it.

Nauseously yours,

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I want to pause for a moment to say that I am in a good mood.

It is Monday, and my vacation is over. My sleep was disturbed on the nighttime side (11-something PM as I was starting to drift off) by a pack of raccoons teasing a neighborhood dog, and on the morning side (5:30 AM) by the boy-kitty first pouncing on me, and then vomiting on the bed. Nevertheless, I *am* in a good mood.

It's 9:30 AM. I've turned on my work computer and checked the time of my first meeting of the day (thankfully, not until 11AM) but not started actually reading email yet. Please start the timer now.
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Strictly for my own reference, recording what I did at SFFFF this year.

Saturday )

Sunday )
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I walked 10K in the SF AIDS walk yesterday, along with my compadres on team SFGOTH. (While massively hung over, but I digress...)

If you would care to make a donation (either toward my fundraising goal or to the team general fund), you can still do so here:
my page
team page
(Note well the fundraising (elder) god that is our friend anaguma!)

The web site has a minimum contribution of $25, but if you would like to make a smaller donation, let me know -- I can front the money and we can work out the most convenient way for you to pay me.

</public service announcement>
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To whom it may concern, Solace is returning, this Friday, new location:

I hope to make an appearance, and I am quite certain that Persephone would love to see some of you there (glancing at podle, mschaos, sushispook, artisticskin, mklmyrs, ztepfinat0r, anaguma...)
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...my bonnet finally arrived.

For those who don't remember, I ordered this bonnet at Dickens Fair -- that's right, in early December. the saga of the bonnet, at length )
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I made good progress on the Titanic dress bodice this evening (made yet another muslin to double check the fit on Mary Alice, then cut out fabric -- so basically back to where I thought I was on 19 Jan).

However, when cutting out the fashion fabric, I noticed that it looks a little blotchy. The other (larger) piece that I am planning to use for the skirt looks fine. I think I would have noticed if it were that way all along, so it must be something I did in the process of washing or ironing it. Wish I knew what so I could avoid doing it again!

These are the moments where I really want a sewing buddy who lives close enough for an impromptu 5-minute consultation. Is this so subtle that no one will notice, or so glaring that I should run right out and spend another $8 for yet another yard of this fabric...


Or maybe I should cut out the skirt pieces and hope I have enough left over to squeeze out another pair of bodice pieces. Hrm.
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Somehow, I had briefly forgotten my plan to make a spencer with the purple fabric that so beautifully matches the sari fabric of my new Regency gown. And since I have another Regency event coming up in February, I guess I better work on that *before* I go too far down the Titanic rabbit hole. sewing / costume related blather )

In other non-news, I am tired. Really super tired. This may have something to do with not getting to sleep quite as early as I should have last night, waking up with heartburn at 2-something, waking up due to earthquake at 5:30-ish, needing to actually get up by 6:30 due to an early AM Beta call, impending girl d00m, or all of the above.

Also, I am hearing helicopters *again*. Even if I want to tune out the news of the world, it is right here, right now.


Oct. 24th, 2011 10:17 am
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If anyone has a burning curiosity about this English Country Dance stuff I keep mentioning, this week there is a free 1-hour introductory workshop before the regular Wednesday evening dance:

Wednesday, October 26, 6:45 - 7:45: BERKELEY *FREE* INTRO TO ENGLISH DANCE
Christ Church Berkeley, Cedar (near Oxford), Berkeley
with caller Bruce Hamilton
Music by David Strong - Admission free, donations welcome.
Christ Church doesn't allow street shoes in this hall.

Wednesday, October 26, 8:00: BERKELEY English dance
Christ Church Berkeley, Cedar (near Oxford), Berkeley
with caller Bruce Hamilton
Music by David Strong, David Mostardi, Bill Jensen


It really is fun stuff :)

fun things

Sep. 1st, 2011 05:02 pm
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Things I am planning (and/or hoping) to do this weekend, that some of you all might also find interesting:

Scottish Highland Games
(we will be there Saturday morning, leaving by mid-afternoon, and *maybe* going back again on Sunday)

PEERS Space Cowboys Ball -- homage to the ball scene in the Firefly episode Shindig.

Kings Mountain Art Fair
A friend (former coworker) of mine will have a booth there, selling yarn, which I don't need but some of you undoubtedly do. (I love her business name, although it took a very long time for me to figure out it wasn't schadenfreude.)

There could also be a stop at the Alameda Antique Market on Sunday, and is likely to be a trek to Petaluma for outlet mall shopping either Sunday or Monday (and yes, ilen, I will call you!)

Busy, busy...
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Costuming friends, don't forget: the GBACG bazaar is this Sunday:


I didn't make it last year, but the year before I scored a nice Victorian/Edwardian-ish jacket for $20, a renfaire headpiece (also at a reasonable price), and some *free* fabric that I eventually used last year for my renfaire bodice. Whee!
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One of my dance friends has just started a blog to document her costuming ventures. Two posts so far -- the first about an absolutely amazing dress that she made, and now this:


She is making a leather corset with a laser-engraved octopus. Wow.
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Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

(via following random links in a FB post by Valerie Pie)
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p.s. This metaphor doesn't seem quite sufficient today, unless we further posit that the train station's roof has caved in and the floor seems likely to collapse momentarily. *sigh*

du jour

Feb. 24th, 2011 04:06 pm
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Word of the day: desuetude.

Song line of the day: I'm a penny in a diamond mine.

Now you go.
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I had been half hoping that the weather would stay bad today, so that quadrille practice would be cancelled, so I could stay home instead of scurrying into SF after yoga class.

Mind you, if I had the afternoon free, I would probably have ended up sewing with Persephone, which is something I've been trying and failing to schedule for several weeks now. So it wouldn't have quite been pure down time, but still -- less scurrying.

Turns out there is an indoor space where we can practice, so even if the weather had stayed vile (as opposed to just a bit cold), the practice session would not have been cancelled. However, this begs the question: why the heck were we freezing outdoors last week? Unbridled optimism?

Oh well. Time for me to get moving, the tide and yoga class wait for no one. And it is a beautiful day!
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Sadly, although I have time, having done my hair already means I really can't lie down and take a nap.

(Oh, and more pics here for anyone interested.)


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