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I actually have a pile of work to do, and I am just not in the mood.

I would much rather be:
a) outside walking around
b) surfing teh intarnet
c) watching yet more BtVS
d) reading
e) snuggling with the kittehs
f) sequentially, all of the above

In other words, almost anything but concentrating on the work I need to be doing...

But I have been trying to press on (despite the contrary evidence of taking a break to write this) because I know that tomorrow will be worse. The plan, BTW, is to take Lena to the veterinary neurologist in the AM, and then work at home in the afternoon. Which is good, because it will save the commute time plus I won't have to worry about keeping my face on if I'm extremely weepy.

Meanwhile, Lena has been acting "normal", by which I mean she eats eagerly (without having had the anti-nausea med), she demands attention, and she purrs loudly when said attention is delivered in a manner that meets her exacting standards. She is also still unsteady on her feet and twitchy, but that's been true to some extent for the past year.

(If I felt like it, I could be annoyed with the vets for having ignored and/or reassured me when I kept saying she'd never quite recovered from the ear infection.)

OK, well, enough for now.


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