Mar. 17th, 2008 07:07 pm
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I thought I would get a message from the vet today, but no. Probably just as well, since there would be nothing to be done tonight except fret, and perhaps tomorrow I can actually talk to him (to describe the latest changes while getting test results).

Otherwise: work is work.

I need to run off in a few moments to yoga class.

The weekend was pretty good.
- Friday, I had a mellow evening at home, hanging with the kittehs.
- Saturday, I went to the farmer's market and the gym, and then headed off to an early dinner party near Palo Alto. This was a bunch of IP and/or former IP folks (plus spouses) -- a pretty congenial crew, although I completely failed in my attempt to have a non-work-related conversation with the web security architect. Also, tried (perhaps too hard) to flirt with K, who ignored me, or perhaps was just oblivious. Oh well.
- Sunday I did lots of chores & errands. I did not quite finish the vaccuming because the first vaccuum cleaner was just spitting back the kitty litter, and then the second vaccuum cleaner set itself on fire. Whee! Then I went for a short hike, came home and made soup and took a bubble bath and concentrated on reading the book club book (Water for Elephants) so that I would have a chance of finishing it before the meeting tomorrow.

I think that's all the news that's fit to print.


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